Xallet Representative / Artist

Masayoshi Yoshino

Jewelry / Leather Artist

Born in 1984

Vintage Leather Collector

Masayoshi studied at the Whitireia community polytechnic in Wellington, New Zealand where he gained a certificate in Visual Art and a diploma in Jewellery Design.

After returning to Japan he attended the Itami College of Jewellery and in 2013 he started working at Gallery Kureha in Osaka alongside a number of other artists. Masayoshi received an award in the 2014 Japan Leather Awards for a leather jacket he designed, the hardware of witch he sculpted.

He has been collaborating with many artists/brands like of Robert Warner, ‘legendary leather designer for rock stars since 1969′,Monochrome Leather Glove, Madoromi Shoes (another 2014 Japan Leather Award winner), Jack Bag Leather, Long Valley River, and Talking about the abstraction and more.